Court Approved Programs

  • Court Liaison And Intervention

    Our court advocates can accompany you to hearings, inform you about the process, act as a form of support, and help you find appropriate resources.

  • Criminal Defense Alternative Sentencing

    Criminal Defense Alternative Sentencing provides individuals charged with a drug related crime with the opportunity to avoid incarceration by going to rehab and getting the appropriate treatment. Our patients can receive residential treatment 30, 60, 90, 6 months and up to 12 months of care including aftercare with sober living and IOP available.

  • Proof of Enrollment, Progress Report and Proof of Completion for the Courts

    If our clients are required to go to court, we can provide them with Proof of Enrollment, Progress Reports, and Certificate of Completion for their rehabilitation.

  • Random Drug Testing

    On-site drug and alcohol testing for employers, families, pre-employment, substance abuse programs, court ordered, or any other reason for testing. All testing information is kept confidential with chain of custody.

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