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Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment

art therapy for addiction treatment
Part of what makes art therapy so beneficial for so many is how it allows people to tap into their creativity. Everyone has a creative side, creative urges, and talents. Art therapy for addiction treatment gives those who have been struggling with substance abuse issues to use their talents to deal with their challenges in an imaginative way that’s unique to them. 

Art therapy, at its core, is about treatment that utilizes the discussion of art or the creation of it. At Glendale Recovery Center, we utilize art therapy to help our patients throughout the journey of recovery. 

A Comfortable Mode of Expression 

Sometimes, for some folks, it can be difficult to discuss what they’ve gone through, what they’re feeling. That’s important to therapy and long-term success, however. Art therapy can help with this, as it can move someone past those difficulties, instead of to the topic of discussing art. This isn’t really a “different” topic, exactly, but rather, it makes it easier for someone in recovery to truly express themselves. 

How it Works 

A person who’s been battling addiction may often feel like their life is out of control as if there’s little structure to it. Art therapy for addiction treatment works under a sense of rules and regulations that are comfortable, even cozy, and that can provide some gentle, simple structure. Art therapy here at Glendora Recovery Center can include learning the basics of drawing or painting, as well as learning how light, shadow, and contrast all operate as well as so much more – all done in a way so as to bring in a non-threatening sense of structure. Through this, folks can better express what they’re really feeling. 

Overcoming Issues

Should someone be unable to discuss their feelings in the present or past, as well as what led them to feel as they did, then it would ultimately be a challenge for them to overcome the underlying traumas that lead to their addiction. Art therapy can help here by making it possible for someone to take something that happened to them, or an emotion they felt, and then illustrate it. This provides a safe, “free” space for someone to really focus on the parts of their addiction that matter the most to them. 

A Recovery Center Offering Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment 

Art therapy for addiction treatment might not be perfect for everyone. That said, there will be those for whom this will be the absolute best way to tap into their creativity and then move on through their recovery. There are many different programs available here at the Glendora Recovery Center. 

If you’re seeking an addiction-free life, or just want to learn more information, we’re always glad to help. Your journey begins with the first step. You can take that step by reaching out to us through our site or calling (626) 240-5056.