Glendora Recovery Center

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1340 E. Route 66 Street Suite 103 & 106, Glendora CA 91740

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(626) 240-5056

At Glendora Recovery Center, we treat alcohol addiction and drug addiction. 

Specifically, the drug addictions we treat are addictions to cocaine, Crystal Meth, Fentanyl, heroin, crack, Benzodiazepine, Suboxone, Valium, PCP, MDMA, and prescription opioids. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, we very well may be able to help. 

Essentially, instead of sending some who break the law and have substance abuse issues to prison, they receive addiction treatment through these court-approved programs. 

We offer a “Drug Diversion Program,” as well as “Court-Approved Rehab,” “Batterer Intervention Programs” (BIP), and “Anger Management” among others. 

The Drug Diversion Program is for those who have been accused of a drug-related low-level misdemeanor for the first time. In the program, you’ll receive treatment for drug addiction as well as education and much more. 

For Court-Approved Rehab, patients are required to receive outpatient treatment here at Glendora Recovery Center. Receiving treatment specifically tailored to their needs, patients will discover the underlying causes of their conditions and, in time, work to overcome them. 

For those in our DCFS Case Management, our experienced, professional team will provide you with tailor-made treatment programs that are specifically designed to help you to reunite with your children. 

In the BIP/Batterers’ Intervention Program, those convicted of particular domestic violence offenses can receive treatment, rehabilitation, group therapy, and education so as to stop domestic violence. 

During Anger Management sessions here, we’ll work with you to find healthy, positive ways to better deal with your feelings, keeping you from making poor decisions. Those who have completed the program are more capable of both recognizing the signs they’re becoming angry and then dealing with them more effectively. 

These are just some of our court-approved programs. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from these, it’s worth it to reach out.

First, reach out to us. Admissions specialists here at Glendora Recovery Center are available 24/7. We can answer any questions you might have. Calls are always confidential. 

Then, we’ll verify your insurance. We accept most private HMO/PPO insurance plans and providers. 

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll undergo a comprehensive clinical assessment. We’ll ask you questions about your addiction history, your daily history, any treatment you may have had in the past, and so forth. 

Then, it’s time to schedule your admission. We understand how intimidating this can be, so we do everything we can to make it easier on you. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with open arms. 

We offer a Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, and an Outpatient program. 

No matter which level of treatment you receive, you’ll be here for the duration of your treatment. Then, when your session is over, you’ll return home. 

These programs are best for those who have completed detoxification or do not need in-patient detox. If you have further questions about which program is right for you, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

When you arrive, you’ll undergo a thorough evaluation. During that, we’ll put together a treatment plan for your needs. 

If you’ve recently left an inpatient program or would prefer a treatment program that allows you to return home at night, you could very well best fit our “Partial Hospitalization Program.” Our most intensive program, you’ll be here for several hours a day, five days a week. 

The “Intensive Outpatient Program/IOP,” is the best fit for those who don’t need medically-assisted detoxification. Our IOP, which usually consists of three hours of treatment a day five days a week, patients can fulfill their obligations to work, school, their family, and so forth, all while receiving personalized treatment.  

For those in our Outpatient Program, they’ll receive an hour of treatment once a week right here.

We take most insurance plans as well as cash payments. We do not accept Medi-Cal currently. However, if you reach out to us, we’ll sit down with you and figure out how we may be able to best help you. 

We have multiple treatment programs that are specifically designed to treat teenagers struggling with their mental health as well as addiction. Understanding that teens best express what they’re going through when with their peers, we have different levels of outpatient treatment just for teenagers. 

For teenagers, we offer a Partial Hospitalization Program, an Intensive Outpatient Program, as well as an Outpatient program. These can be modified to fit the exact needs of each teenager. When you reach out to us, we can talk to you about which program would be the best fit for your teen.

Our Sober Living home, called “Brittany’s House,” is a safe and sober living environment. When staying at Brittany’s House, you’ll be to learn and develop new, healthy habits that can help you to better navigate life’s challenges, all while finding a purposeful, fulfilling life. 

Many transition to Sober Living after completing treatment elsewhere. If this sounds appealing, we encourage you to reach out to us for a free consultation.

Here at Glendora Recovery Center, every day is different. Yes, our programs are structured, but there is variety within that. Every patient’s treatment plan is centered around their needs. So, your day at Glendora Recovery Center won’t be like someone else’s. 

Therapy (both individual sessions as well as those in groups). In-depth educational training about your addiction and struggles. Life skills development. That’s just part of what you’ll experience when you’re here.

From the day you arrive at Glendora Recovery Center, we do all we can to help you to be ready for the time when you’re no longer here. When that time comes, you’ll go through our individualized aftercare program. 

Another level of treatment, it provides monitoring of your progress, 12-step program participation, weekly counseling sessions, random drug testing and more. As with all of our treatment programs, your aftercare will be specifically crafted for you.