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Glendora Recovery Center is dedicated to creating a place of healing and growth for all that we encounter.

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PHP for Teens

PHP for Teens

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHPs, offer life-changing care to people battling severe behavioral or substance abuse issues. Teens participating in this outcome-focused program are given individualized attention while they are able to stay at home during designated times of the day. This method is more adaptable, less stressful, and can be done remotely, all of which greatly improve the quality of care for the client. This blog post will explain how our PHP for Teens works and what makes it unique so that you can make an informed choice for yourself or a loved one.

A Personalized Approach

Given the wide variety of adolescent patients out there, it stands to reason that no two treatment plans would be identical. Treatment for adolescents at Glendora Recovery Center is solution-focused, evidence-based, and designed with the young person in mind. All our efforts to date have been directed toward identifying the optimal balance of treatment and support for bringing about the desired behavioral shift. During the admissions process, our professionals will evaluate your teen, work with him or her to set goals, and then create a personalized recovery program based on those needs and goals.

One of the goals for our PHP for teens program is to completely submerge adolescents in a therapeutic environment and frame of mind. In this way, you can minimize any potential disruptions from the outside world. Young people have a better chance of recovery if they are not distracted by anything other than their treatment. They will also learn many things that will help them stay sober in social situations.

What Are the Advantages for Teenagers?

The extra time in treatment will be the most beneficial aspect for many people. There is no more intensive form of treatment than this, where you will receive help for many hours every day, multiple times a week. This has been found to be the most successful method for patients to eventually beat their addiction.

Teenagers whose mental health, addiction, or behavioral disorders have made everyday life difficult but not completely unmanageable are good candidates for PHP. Our interventions also help young people who have had suicidal thoughts, a pattern of self-harm, a drug problem, or problems with other people. Teenagers who have tried other treatments without success but are still willing to change often improve the most when they join our program.

Our PHP Is Also an Affordable Option Too

It’s common knowledge that inpatient hospital care is prohibitively expensive. Most of our programs, including our PHP for teens are paid on a monthly basis, so patients don’t have to worry about paying a large upfront fee. For a single payment, you can stay in a facility for a whole month, where trained counselors and medical doctors will look after your every need.

How Does It Work?

While our teens and their families are undergoing treatment, we understand that life goes on around them. Partially hospitalized adolescents receive support from our teaching staff as they carry on with their schoolwork. We give standard tests, help students choose a major and a college, help them find jobs after they graduate, and even speak up for their needs in government.

We aim to help them heal and equip them with the tools they need to handle life’s challenges across all of our care settings. We provide assistance as they return to their families, communities, and the workforce.  The state-of-the-art equipment found in each center provides easy access to a wide variety of educational websites, both free and paid.

Meaningful Impact

Many of the teenagers who visit us are in terrible pain when they arrive. They’re drowning, and they need help desperately. We help lessen their pain, direct them back toward optimism, and show them how to reclaim their happiness. To help them live a life that is fulfilling and full of the things they care about, we teach them how to overcome negative patterns of behavior, handle conflict constructively, and gain emotional mastery.

Teenagers are able to maintain a state of calm and focus as they devote more time to getting better. Anyone receiving this care can return home to be with their families and carry on as usual while they heal. Such adaptability facilitates an active lifestyle and expedites healing.

PHP for Teens

Get the Help You Need Right Now and Begin the Healing Process

If you are looking for a partial hospitalization program for teenagers that provides the best environment for your teen’s healing process, we have the best plan. Our seasoned group of professionals conducts in-depth interviews to learn about patients’ problems and previous treatments, as well as their strengths and areas for development. At Glendora Recovery Center, we’re here to help those struggling with addiction find the appropriate treatment for them.

Contact us at (626) 240-5056 or through the website’s contact form if you have any questions about our youth rehabilitation program or our treatment center.

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Dr. Moses Nasser, MD
Dr. Moses Nasser, MD

Dr. Moses Nasser has a double board certification in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. His experience in addiction medicine goes back to when he started meditating in medical school over 20 years ago. The adventure of spiritual growth that followed led to the study and use of holistic healing, music for meditation and healing, guided meditation, and guided imagery, and understanding the deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons that we turn to addictive substances and behaviors. This led to a medical weight loss practice where he integrated a complete mindfulness program for emotional eating and food addiction.

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