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The efficiency of a Drug Rehab Center: Vital Aspects You Should Know

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The fundamental and foremost goal of a drug rehab center is to help individuals to quit substance abuse and lead a healthy life. For drug addiction, several treatment options and personalized programs are available. 

As per stats, 34.2 million Americans underwent DUI & out of which, 21.4 million people were found under alcohol influence. In addition to this, around 12.8 million had the influenced by drugs. Many self-aware people opt for rehab centers to get back to their normal lives. With such serious numbers, one question comes to mind — what’s the efficiency of these rehab centers. To help you with this question, we have got you covered. 

Measuring Efficiency of a Drug Rehab Center

As per National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the effectiveness of an addiction rehab center is not only limited to abstinence. It has to do more with productivity, contribution to society, and staying & working positively with others. There are three primary goals an addiction treatment hub should achieve:

  • Becoming a positive & active family person
  • Contributing to the society and workplace
  • Actively participating in positive engagement in social events 

So, to measure effectiveness, all these factors should have a green signal that all centers should focus on. In simple terms, the overall quality of life should be improved after the treatment is done. 

Be it a drug addiction center is useful can also likely be measured by its capacity to decrease criminal acts, Therefore, there are several aspects to acknowledge when determining whether a particular treatment works or not.

Results of rehab institutes

While efficiency rates can change, analysis has revealed that substance abuse recovery hubs are efficient and positive results are achievable. Programs of the centers have reduced drug usage as well as improve well-being and involvement in social activities:

The addiction recovery programs significantly reduce DUI arrests and family violence. In addition to this, every dollar spent on recovery programs saves almost $7 in criminal justice and $4 in healthcare costs.  

Regardless of the treatment method and cost involved, delivers a success rate of 60%. It might sound low but compared to other chronic diseases, it’s significantly higher. For example, people treated with hypertension and other diseases like asthma have a success rate of less than 55%. 

Drug rehab centers are as effective as full-fledged inpatient medication in which individuals need to commit their full-time to undergo treatment. 

Should I opt for an addiction recovery program?

Many people have this question when they are struggling with addiction problems and are on the verge of losing control. It’s important to understand that taking a step towards the recovery program may be the hardest thing, but the efforts are all worth it. Depending on the severity of the addiction level, drug rehab centers can suggest the most effective program. 

drug rehab centersNot all patients have to go for inpatient treatment where they need to undergo dedicated treatment daily. Outpatient programs are highly effective and they can help individuals to get rid of substance abuse in a shorter period. 

Never overlook the need to get the right treatment for yourself and lead a better life with your loved ones and colleagues. Living a healthy drug-free life is a blessing and you can easily opt for a recovery program to transform your life. Want to know more about efficiency and different addiction treatment programs? Contact Glendora Recovery Center at 626) 263-5543 to learn more about drug recovery. 

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Dr. Moses Nasser, MD
Dr. Moses Nasser, MD

Dr. Moses Nasser has a double board certification in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. His experience in addiction medicine goes back to when he started meditating in medical school over 20 years ago. The adventure of spiritual growth that followed led to the study and use of holistic healing, music for meditation and healing, guided meditation, and guided imagery, and understanding the deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons that we turn to addictive substances and behaviors. This led to a medical weight loss practice where he integrated a complete mindfulness program for emotional eating and food addiction.

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