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Partial Hospitalization Program: Why This Program Is More Efficient?

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

There are many programs for people with mental health problems. Everyone has their own opinion of what works best, but one thing is sure: Not all methods work for everyone. A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is another form of psychiatric treatment that falls under “day treatment.”

Day treatment often involves an individual attending a clinic or center for anywhere from two to five days per week to receive intensive care, similar to inpatient care. However, PHP provides patients with an intensive level of care without requiring them to reside in the hospital overnight. It also affords participants greater freedoms than would be available in any hospitalization program. Before we dive into why this program is more efficient, let’s look at some figures.

What Do Addiction Statistics Say?

According to reports, only 10% of the people struggling with substance use disorder get complete treatment. In addition, 40% of individuals with an addiction also struggle with a mental health challenge. Yet, only 48% of them receive treatment for their disorders. With these growing numbers, PHP is the most efficient way to deliver treatment and bring a better chance in individuals’ lives.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Why Is Partial Hospitalization Program More Efficient?

It Minimizes The Mental Pressure:

When an individual lives with a disorder, every minute of the day can seem overwhelming. These struggles, fears, and mental obstacles can make it impossible to focus on anything related to treatment. In addition, therapists may not give you the attention you need because they are dealing with multiple patients at once or seeing other people throughout the week.

With a PHP, participants can work with therapists every day without the added pressure of living in the facility for extended periods.

It Values Patient-Centered Care:

As mentioned before, day treatment programs vary, and not all may fit your needs. It can be a result of how focused they are on patient-centered care. However, with PHP programs structured around the individual’s needs and goals, it is easier to work hard towards progress.

Many individuals who suffer from substance use disorder or other mental health challenges may be struggling with employment or school responsibilities. Because of this, having a flexible schedule can be a game-changer for their recovery.

It Is A Continuum Of Care:

Most treatment programs, such as inpatient care, offer the best chance to start recovery. However, it might not be enough. Support would still need outpatient services or PHP programs to keep people sober. Consistency in treatment is the best way to stay on track, find success, and maintain sobriety.

With PHP programs, individuals can learn skills they can use throughout their day-to-day lives. As a result, they have better chances of continuing their recovery even outside the PHP program.

It Improves Patient’s Comorbidities:

People with mental health challenges and substance use disorder are more likely to struggle with other challenges. These may include financial, social, housing, medical, and employment-related problems. These issues can make it hard for someone to stay focused on treatment. Partial hospitalization programs offer a range of services to improve participants’ mental health conditions.

It can include art therapy, music therapy, and even cooking classes. The goal is to help individuals focus on their well-being and create a healthy environment throughout the program.

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