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Intensive Outpatient Programs in Los Angeles: Why Choose Us?

The United States of America is the most powerful country in the world. Many people come to the United States hoping for a better life. One of the reasons that make America great is its strict legal system. The American government does not ignore any crime, especially drug crimes. America is one of the most stringent countries when it comes to drug offenses. Despite the sound legal structure, America has not been able to eradicate the drug problem completely. Our intensive outpatient programs in Los Angeles come into play to contribute to this and help people get out of drug abuse. 


According to a survey, the rate of death due to drug overdose has surged by 140% since 2000. This alarming problem shows that the number of overdoses could continue to rise and seriously threaten national security, public health, and public welfare if action is not taken. 


The U.S. government is aware of this problem and is therefore taking action. Even though there is a criminal side for which appropriate penalties and fines have been established for drug offenses, the U.S. government is not completely ignoring the rehabilitative side. 


It provides a functioning ecosystem to many rehabilitation centers like Glendora Recovery Center and thus helps the government combat the menace caused by drug use. 


What is the Glendora Drug Rehabilitation Center? 

Glendora is a new generation private drug rehabilitation center established to promote humane and scientific methods of rehabilitation. It is founded and managed by professionals who have expertise in the treatment of people suffering from drug addiction


Our building is massive and equipped with the latest technology, offering a comfortable stay and ample space. The center not only treats the patients but also prepares them to lead normal lives. It also conducts vocational and life training programs to help patients earn a living once they leave the rehabilitation center. Our commitment to the patients is evident in the wide range of specialized programs like the outpatient initiative. 


What are intensive outpatient programs in Los Angeles? 

Once a patient is discharged from the center, he/she is most vulnerable, especially in the first few months. They are trying to return to normalcy in an unprotected real world. In other words, you are on your own! During this time, you need the maximum support to avoid slipping back into drug use. Most rehab centers do not offer support for outpatients. But we offer a complete outpatient program to provide individualized support to outpatients during these vulnerable months.


Why is it the best? 

intensive outpatient programsThe intensive outpatient facility includes one-on-one therapy sessions where a trained therapist supervises them. As a result, their stress levels are maintained, as is their overall health, including monitoring their blood pressure levels. They are also guided by a nutritionist to ensure healthy eating habits. 


No other drug rehab center or organization offers an outpatient program as intensive as Glendora. Glendora provides its outpatients with the same quality of care that it provided them while they were admitted as patients. This continued commitment by Glendora makes its outpatient program the best in all of Los Angeles. 


How can one get admitted to Glendora? 

To avail of the best intensive outpatient programs in Los Angeles, pay a regular admission fee and get started. You can also pay through your health insurance. You can reach us at (626) 263-5543 or write to us at amy@glendorarecoverycenter.com to know more about services. 

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