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How Alternative Sentencing Helps People with Safe & Faster Recovery

Alternative sentencing

Drug addiction is a severe issue, leading to criminal charges when people get into illegal activities. For supporting their drug addiction, individuals willingly commit crimes, and it becomes trouble for them. Sentencing them into jail won’t offer them the needful care to overcome addiction. Thus, alternative sentencing comes ahead as a practical option. 


What Is Alternative Sentencing? 

According to the BJS Report, drug abuse is the root of almost 21% of crimes, and it’s a huge number considering the cause. 

When people are found guilty of committing illegal activities, the judges have ‘alternatives’ to putting that person behind bars. 

Alternative sentencing treats substance abuse as a severe chronic disease. Authorities are also aware that prison is not the most effective way to treat addiction for a permanent cure. In these matters, drug courts take care of such cases, and rehab is preferred over prison. Criminal justice and addiction treatment are combined in these cases, and it works as a collaboration between the defendant, court, and prosecutor. 

Glendora Recovery Center acts as a place to accommodate individuals with criminal charges and help them recover from the addiction faster. On this note, let’s explore how our alternative sentencing program aids faster recovery.


Reduce Negative Impact

Compared to prison, the atmosphere of an alternative place is less hostile, and it helps individuals follow their treatment in a stress-free manner. Moreover, individuals may face several challenges, affecting them mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

Our sober living place cooperates with the legal authority to accommodate individuals for 30, 60, 90 days, or 12 months as instructed by the court for better recovery. 


Safer Addiction Treatment 

According to a survey, around 21 million individuals in the USA have at least one addiction, and only 10% receive complete treatment. Here at Glendora Recovery Center, we ensure the individuals get full and proper needful treatment to help them get back to their everyday lives. 

With round the clock availability of health professionals, and authorities, people can peacefully undergo their treatment.


Lower Community Cost

Compared to jail or prison, state authorities pay far less, and they get better results due to regular treatment sessions and continuous monitoring. The chances of an individual returning to criminal activities are far lower compared to a prison. 

In addition to this, when people with criminal charges accommodate sober living places, they provide in-depth treatment that fixes the problem from its root.


Higher Recovery Rate

Going to an alternate sentencing recovery, the overall treatment success rate and recovery percentage are much higher than in prison. People get punished for their crimes, but in these places, they get treatment, and they also learn essential life skills.

Our health experts at Glendora Recovery Center ensure every individual staying here for treatment receives equal and personalized care.

Alternative sentencing

Continuous Monitoring 

Compared to prison, authorities can have more close monitoring and notice their progress daily. It helps legal bodies to make appropriate decisions and deliver the needful justice faster. When individuals show a higher willingness to adopt sober living, they get ease in their criminal charges. 


Final Thoughts

Alternative sentencing is an effective way to give the proper treatment to people with drug abuse criminal charges. Glendora Recovery Center can help with faster recovery and better monitoring to support legal authorities in their procedure.

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