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Drug Abuse Treatment for Teens: What Are My Options?

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drug rehab center

Drug addiction is often considered a chronic, relapsing disease that requires long-term treatment. However, there are a variety of drug abuse treatment options for teens who are addicted to drugs, including medications, addiction counseling, and other therapies. Whether you seek treatment for yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand the types of treatment options that are available at our drug rehab center, as well as the advantages that one might have over the other. Here at Glendora Recovery Center, we offer a wide range of therapeutic options and drug abuse treatment programs tailored to each individual in order to provide the best quality alternative to their current situation.

The IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) 

The IOP at Glendora Recovery Center was established to provide patients with substance addiction and mental health concerns with an evidence-based level of care. After a period of inpatient treatment, our IOP program is typically used. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment drug treatment program works great for people who do not require constant medical supervision. This type of treatment allows you to continue with your regular activities (such as school or work) while receiving treatment at our facility during the day, nights, or weekends. On a case-by-case basis, we provide 30, 60, and 90-day treatment.

drug rehab center

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program)

Glendora’s PHP is a more rigorous drug abuse treatment option than an inpatient hospital stay. You or someone you care about will be able to get care for several hours per day, several days per week, at this location, and then you’ll return home at night. Our PHP program has a special focus on several important variables that affect drug abuse, such as the underlying thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions of drug seeking behavior. We also work with social aspects, such as the social aspects of addictions and managing and reducing stress.

We have the therapists, counselors, and other medical specialists who will be able to offer you all of the assistance you require. Individual therapy, group therapy, education, and a variety of other options are available for the Partial Hospitalization Program.

Because Family Matters

Family is a very strong determinant when it comes to any type of recovery or rehabilitation outcome. Therefore, the importance of family support in treatment cannot be overstated. We provide family therapy at Glendora Rehab to help families better understand addiction and how to support their loved ones during treatment.

Family counseling helps families express their worries while also equipping them with the resources they need to help their loved ones. Our team also provides a complete aftercare program that includes relapse prevention, counseling, and support groups. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our detoxification services, call (626) 263-5543.

Recovery Activities For Everyone

Throughout time, we’ve found out that boredom is one of the most difficult things for people in recovery to overcome. It frequently results in relapse. We feel that participating in creative recovery activities can aid in the prevention of recurrence. As a result, our group plans a variety of activities, including art therapy, music therapy, and sports. 

For example, art therapy for addiction treatment allows people who have struggled with substance misuse difficulties to use their talents to deal with their problems in a creative, one-of-a-kind way. Art therapy allows people to tap into their creativity, which is one of the reasons it is so therapeutic for so many people. Everyone has a creative side, as well as creative drives and abilities. 

These activities assist patients in learning new skills and expressing themselves in a safe atmosphere. All of the treatment activities also give you a sense of accomplishment and help you feel better about yourself.

We Take A Holistic Approach

Just like an addiction isn’t caused by a single factor or variable, drug abuse treatment for teens also requires a multivariable or holistic approach in order to be truly effective. Detoxing is only the first step on the road to recovery. After you’ve completed detox, you’ll need to enroll in a long-term treatment program. We adopt a holistic approach to treatment at Glendora Treatment Center. This basically means that we treat all parts of your addiction problem and provide you with the tools you need to be sober for the long term.

You can attain long-term sobriety with the support of our holistic approach. You can sustain your sobriety long after leaving our clinic since we also teach coping and living skills.

We Have a Treatment Plan Just For You

We understand how difficult it is to take the initial step and contact a drug rehab center like ours. It is, however, worthwhile. You can change, even if it seems unlikely right now. Our great variety of drug treatments for teens could very well be the solution you’re looking for. We understand that you still have a lot of questions and doubts. Please be sure to call us at (626) 240-5056 to learn more or to begin the application process.

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Dr. Moses Nasser, MD
Dr. Moses Nasser, MD

Dr. Moses Nasser has a double board certification in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. His experience in addiction medicine goes back to when he started meditating in medical school over 20 years ago. The adventure of spiritual growth that followed led to the study and use of holistic healing, music for meditation and healing, guided meditation, and guided imagery, and understanding the deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons that we turn to addictive substances and behaviors. This led to a medical weight loss practice where he integrated a complete mindfulness program for emotional eating and food addiction.

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