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1340 E. Route 66 Street Suite 106 Glendora CA 91740

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Has your adolescent been struggling? Are you concerned about their mental and emotional health? Adolescence can be wonderful, a time of exploration, to forge one’s identity, and to begin to find their place in the world. It can also be extremely difficult, confusing, and challenging, particularly as many adolescents may not have the healthy coping mechanisms to best handle the stresses of life. 

At Glendora Recovery Center, we’ve helped so many adolescents to develop healthy, positive behaviors that will serve them in adolescence as well as the rest of their lives. Our intensive adolescent outpatient program provides an evidence-based treatment that offers new ways to deal with anxiety, feelings, emotions, personal interactions, even trauma, and substance abuse. In short, we provide hope. To learn more to start the process, you can reach us at (626) 240-5056. 

The Benefits of our Adolescent Outpatient Program

Everything we do at our adolescent outpatient program is built around stabilizing your adolescent and providing them with everything they need to be able to feel good in a positive, healthy way. That means imparting them with the knowledge they can trust, resources they can use, and skills they can develop. Our experienced team can provide: 

  • Daily routines for adolescents that are healthy and easy to replicate 
  • Education about addiction, how it’s a disease, and how to recover 
  • Ways to excel both academically and in activities adolescents are interested in 
  • Healing for the whole family, ways for the family to heal and grow together 
  • Self-compassion, self-esteem, and a greater sense of resiliency and belief 
  • More trusting relationships with peers, parents, and others 

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How Can I Tell If This Program is Good for My Child?

Have you tried one-on-one therapy and/or group therapy but it hasn’t helped? Does it seem like your adolescent isn’t interested in any activities or their friends, that they’re completely withdrawn? Those are just some of the signs that your adolescent could best be served not just by an individual therapist, but by an entire team of professionals, working together to help your child. 

Other ways to tell if your adolescent could benefit from Glendora Recovery Center would be if they seem utterly apathetic, bored, sad, unmotivated, unable to focus, or even hopeless. Many come here after they’ve struggled academically for not just a few weeks, but an entire year or more. We’ve helped so many to overcome school-related anxiety, whether it’s about academics or relationships with peers. As a recovery center, we’re well-equipped to assist those who might have turned to self-harm or abusing drugs. Those are just some of the signs that your adolescent could benefit from reaching out to us. 

What to Expect During a Teen Outpatient Program

You can expect your adolescent to be here multiple days a week for multiple hours. Different adolescents are on different plans. When you reach out to us, our medical professionals will give your adolescent a thorough, comprehensive evaluation. That way, we’ll be able to figure out the best treatment for your adolescent. After-school hours are available so that our treatment can work around your child.  

Additionally, there will be programs that parents can and should attend as well. That said, your adolescents won’t just be in therapy while they’re here, far from it. Indeed, we offer art therapy as well as other expressive therapies, so that adolescents can find, nurture, and grow their voice in a variety of ways. 

All of our programs are run by experienced, licensed clinicians who were hired specifically due to their work with adolescents. We coordinate cases with other providers as well as schools so that your adolescent gets exactly what they need. Crisis support is available when it is needed, too. Essentially, when your adolescent is here, they’ll be in a safe, secure, validating, and welcoming environment, where they can take the next steps towards living a healthy and happy life. 

The Different Types of Adolescent Outpatient Programs

Here at Glendora Recovery, we offer three different levels of care. We see it as one more way that we can provide every adolescent with specialized solutions. 

IOP – Intensive Outpatient 

Centered around providing care as well as community during the week, this program treats not just the adolescent but the entire family. Perfect for adolescents attending school in the day, our IOP takes place in the afternoon hours. With regular check-ins, support groups, and more, this program can be expanded or reduced depending on what the adolescent needs at any time. We tend to place adolescents in this program who have already made progress and could best be served by continued support so that they can thrive. 

PHP – Partial Hospitalization 

PHP is a comprehensive program, offering individual therapy, group therapy, and more, with all-day programming five days a week. At the end of each day, adolescents return home to their families. This program serves to provide structure and a routine that stabilizes so that adolescents can take their first steps towards a better life. To help with academics, we provide academic support as well as tutoring so adolescents can receive the treatment they need while growing their education, too. 


Considered the “lowest level” of care, this program includes a discharge plan designed by a team of trained professionals. Additionally, they’ll take into account your adolescent’s clinical needs, their goals, your family’s goals, and more when determining how many days and hours your adolescent will need to be in treatment. This program may eventually go into what’s called “continuing care,” including support through video, text, and more, all to ensure that your adolescent has what they need. 

Contact our Outpatient Rehab Center Today

If you’re worried that your teen is struggling and that they could use some help, there’s no downside to giving our outpatient rehab center a call. We’re always happy to talk to parents so that we can help you to determine if and how we can be of assistance. If you’re looking to start the intake process or just want to know more, you can reach our team at (626) 240-5056.