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Glendora Rehab: Benefits That We Offer To Individuals

Glendora Rehab

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Glendora Recovery Center is dedicated to creating a place of healing and growth for all that we encounter.

Our Location

1340 E. Route 66 Street Suite 106 Glendora CA 91740

Glendora Rehab

Glendora Rehab

Hospitals that specialize in rehab are becoming more and more popular with time. Glendora Rehab is among the most result-oriented hubs. We at Glendora Recovery hub provide all types of rehabilitation services, including PHP, IOP sober living, and many more.

Our rehab is focused on the most efficient recovery process possible, which ensures that you will live happily and healthily after rehabilitation treatments. We offer a wide range of services to help you or your loved ones overcome addiction. These specialized treatments will ensure that the result will be long-term.

Our services are designed to help patients regain control of their life. Our previous patients have reported an improvement in both their health and well-being, which is why we are constantly maintaining our high level of care. Before we dive into the benefits, let’s look at some statistics.

What Do The Addiction Statistics Look Like?

According to reports, around 21 million Americans have at least one addiction and only 10% of them receive treatment. In addition, around 20% of Americans who are struggling with anxiety or depression also have a substance abuse disorder. Moreover, 90% of the people dealing with alcohol addiction started drinking alcohol before they were 18 years old. On this note, let’s look at the benefits that we offer to clients:

Glendora Rehab

Individual Attention For Better Recovery:

Every single client who comes to us is given individualized attention while ensuring that everybody in our facility receives the best possible rehab. This ensures complete recovery for each patient, which eventually contributes to better results.

Our counselors are well-versed with various types of addiction treatments and provide you or your loved ones with a comprehensive treatment plan. This way we can ensure that we enhance the outcome of your treatment.

Glendora Rehab Has Highly Qualified Staff:

Glendora Rehab is among the most efficient rehabs because our highly-skilled and experienced counselors will provide you or your loved one with top-notch guidance and direction, which contributes to the individualized plan for each patient.

We have an expert team of counselors who are well-versed with various types of addiction cases and will help you or your loved ones overcome addiction problems. Furthermore, our treatments are designed to make the process more efficient while allowing our patients to obtain long-term results.

Extended Support Services:

We provide our patients with extended support services that are designed to help them reintegrate into society. We offer various types of therapy sessions that will not only help you deal with addiction but also enhance your overall well-being. These therapies will enable you to solve any co-occurring conditions.

Furthermore, we offer group and individual sessions that will not only help you stay sober but also support your family members who are also affected by the addiction of their loved ones. These therapies will promote a healthy environment for both patients and their families, which encourages a successful recovery process.

Quality Treatment:

Our treatment is based on scientific evidence, which ensures that you will receive top-notch rehab services. We conduct a complete assessment to determine the extent of your addiction and then design a customized plan according to your specific needs.

We offer a wide range of therapies that have been designed to help patients deal with various types of addictions. Furthermore, we use a holistic approach to help patients recover from multiple forms of addiction by addressing the root cause of their problems. This integrated approach will ensure that you receive optimal treatment and achieve long-term results.

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Dr. Moses Nasser, MD
Dr. Moses Nasser, MD

Dr. Moses Nasser has a double board certification in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine. His experience in addiction medicine goes back to when he started meditating in medical school over 20 years ago. The adventure of spiritual growth that followed led to the study and use of holistic healing, music for meditation and healing, guided meditation, and guided imagery, and understanding the deep physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons that we turn to addictive substances and behaviors. This led to a medical weight loss practice where he integrated a complete mindfulness program for emotional eating and food addiction.

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